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Even if it was Schoenberg who set freed what is the composer from the tradition and mainstream, it was then John Cade from the USA who had been a Henry Cowell’s pupil who then freed what really is the composition from its composer then he created the bridge from what is the real music to what is not. The first thing he promoted was all the sound of silence, nothing but silence.

Then, he began adding the various sounds of the instruments in the year 1940. Gradually, there came the existence of random musical elements developing with the use of the sounds of nature in the year 1941, then and there, he discovered , or he found sounds to be exact in the year 1951, it was even the very sound of the performers on stage was used, also had the collage of random noises, the murmurs, the footsteps, and just a lot more making to a more diverse sound of music.

This is when the Avant-garde was discovered, known to be a music which has a radical factor, making it considered to sound just ahead of its time. The diversity discovered in the earlier times were used to create a  fusion of various musical genres. This is also known to have the element that rejects the proper tonality of music. There may be some modern music considered to be an avant-garde, yet they are not that pure and will be subdivided into two types.

music-2This is because the avant-garde was purposely made for the use of social, political, and the cultural critiques to create a drive and provocation to the audiences and to some other composers who are still afraid to unleash their music. It was the  music of the new blossomed avant-gardists began to play. They were various composers who intended to make their sounds so provocative in playing that genre, those were  Igor Stravinsky, Richard Strauss, Anton Webern, Arnold Schoenberg, and George Antheil. Their musical works were considered to be the original sound of the avant-garde music genre.

Those were the musical story of the avant-garde in the past, now, let’s hear it from the modernists. Modern music became more aggressive and diverse through the technological innovation. Different and new sounds were created, played and heard over the radio. Still, avant-garde was reborn by so many modern artists and developed it to many other subgenres, most especially with the rock scene musicians who had their own renditions of the avant-garde.

Later on, it developed into any other subgenre that is an avant-garde jazz, avant-garde progressive rock, turned to the most extreme that is the avant-garde metal genre. From its origin considered to have the provocativeness taste and style, modern artists from the rock and the metal scene discovered the avant-garde to be the perfect salt to add a unique and a radical flavor and sound to their music, which were originally considered to be a lot more provocative and vulgar.

Now, there are a lot of bands who continuously play the avant-garde genre,  with a very large scale of experimentation, these artists were able to mix their extremist side to mix the genre to the once they were  already playing such as the heavy metal and avant-garde combination.

Same thing with the other subgenres, record labels discovered the beauty of their sounds with the taste of avant-garde. With its very unconventional sound, they added some more provocativeness such as a different vocal styles, a lot more aggressive song structures with heavy guitar riffs. Avant-garde is just one of the music’s strong element, just the same as any other genre, this is believed to last and live forever.

Croydonfestival 2016

croydon festiva

Croydon Summer Festival  presents
World Party and Croydon Mela
Two days of fantastic award-winning
music, amazing street theatre and brilliant fun!
Lloyd Park will once again be the venue for Croydon’s
big summer party with four stages, funfair, market
and great food. Artists from all over the world will
be filling the stages with music, dance and theatre
and it’s all FREE!
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